I have books out under other pen names, and as a general rule I don't talk about any of them (SEKRIT PEN NAMES!!!)

Unfortunately as Amy Z. Chan, it may be a while before I get a book out because Amy Z. Chan is attempting to go the traditional publishing route, which may take years.

(And the rest below is probably only of interest to other authors and people in the book industry).

But Amy, if you're a successful indie, why are you attempting traditional publishing?

Because YA is an entirely different ballgame than adult fiction. A good chunk of YA sales are to schools and libraries who (understandably so) have gatekeepers that traditional publishing works better with.

But Amy, I am/know of an indie author who has successfully sold to schools and libraries!

Yes, I know those people too! And while I give them all the kudos, hand selling to individual institutions, was never my style of indie. My indie pen names are all about the pay-per-click ads and chasing algos, which frankly gets tiring. I mean, I still do it, but I am kind of tired of spending the equivalent of a nice car on pay-per-click ads every year (yes it is profitable, but I'd like to spend more time writing).

I see YA and going for traditional publishing as a way of diversifying my author business and bringing on new partners invested in my success. (Yes, I hear you scarred-by-trad-pub-turned-indie authors laughing in the back!)

Unfortunately, the drawback for traditional publishing is how long it takes. 

Do you know how long it takes to get a book traditionally published? YEARS.

So who knows, in a few months I may just get impatient and decide to do it all on my own.

Check back and find out!

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