June 2


What Marginalized Authors talk about when White Authors are not in the room – The Misfits Guide to Writing Indie Romance podcast with Kilby Blades!

June 2, 2021

My girl Kilby Blades and I were asked by the fabulous Adrienne Bell to guest cohost an episode of the Misfits Guide to Writing Indie Romance!

In this episode, Kilby, who identifies as Black, cisgendered, female, and Queer, and me as a Chinese American female, we discuss what marginalized authors talk about when White Writers are not in the room. So yes in this podcast we touch upon:

-writing with an Asian pen name vs. writing with a non-Asian pen name (yes readers do treat you differently)

-why marketing and reader expectations led me not to write under Asian pen names in the past.

-how being an author of color comes with expectations that you "stay in your own lane."

-why we don't discuss these issues with our white author friends

-The problematic ways in which sensitivity readers are being used

-Why I (despite being Asian-American) have hired Asian-American sensitivity readers

-JUDGEMENT from everyone including and especially other authors of color

-What marginalized authors would like non-marginalized authors to know (Read diversely!)

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