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The tl;dr version: I'm an indie writer with moderately successful secret pen names. This YA pen name has no books out yet, but is a reader community founder / builder on the Clubhouse app.

Amy Z. Chan is an author of young adultish things. She writes stories about first loves, figuring out who you are, making stupid decisions (that seem like great ideas at the time), and holding on to what you love even as life changes around you.

Under other secret pen names in other genres, Amy is also a best selling indie author with several books hitting the top of the charts on Amazon. Under this pen name, she is currently working on a fun YA romantic comedy featuring an Asian-American teen heroine kicking ass against racist bullies, in an American high school where the most popular dudes are the immigrant Asian guys.

 A lover of books, dumplings, Asian dramas, and K-pop, Amy believes that art created out of joy can change the world. She has lived in New York City, Beijing, Tokyo, but now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Weekly, she hosts WHAT ARE YOU READING AUTHORS chat with R.L. Merrill in the "What are you reading" network on the Clubhouse app. (To find out who she has talked to / who she is going to talk to, check Amy's Instagram)

Amy is also the founder of INCLUSIVE ASIAN READS network on the Clubhouse app, a community for inclusive literary and pop culture discussions about works by Asians in the diaspora, adoptees, mixed race and other Asian intersectionalities.

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